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current programme of local walks

Our first walk, on Tuesday 8 November, was under an overcast sky with dampness in the air, but mild.  There were 7 of us.  The trees had lost a lot of their leaves.  Autumn had definitely arrived.  When we got to the Avenue by Bushwood, known to some as ‘Evelyn’s Avenue’, it was very attractive with some bright colour remaining.  Kathie spotted a pair of pied wagtails near some freshly mown grass inside the Green Man roundabout.  The group lingered a little as we got near our destination, Davies Lane with its impressive school building, and we admired the Pastures Youth Centre, a tall arts and crafts building and a lower, well designed, modern building, in attractive grounds.  We parted just a few minutes after the intended time of 12.30pm, pleased to have got the project started.

Leytonstone Heath, November 2011

reports of our walks

On Sunday 13 November we repeated Tuesday’s walk, this time starting in wonderful weather, sun from a clear sky, catching autumn colours.  By the time the 11 of us finished, with the sun down, the air was chilly.  4 of us warmed up with a hot drink at the Horizon cafe on Leytonstone High Road.  Particular congratulations to Irene who uses a stick but kept up with the group to the end.  Again the Pastures Youth Centre was admired.

Thanks to Brenda Wilkinson and Roger Gillham for the photos above.

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