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current programme of local walks

Our walk, on Tuesday 22 November, was again mild, with the sun breaking through the clouds as we came back across Hackney Marshes.  There were 4 of us.  The autumn leaves survived on a few trees.  Kathy spotted a Mandarin duck on the Lea.  Roger, returning from a tour of a recycling facility at Edmonton, joined us at the Princess of Wales, which had only a few customers and little heating.  The food was good and welcome, but without a vegetarian option.

water and bread, November 2011

reports of our walks

On Sunday 27 November the weather was again an improvement on the Tuesday’s, with a clear sky.  The ice rink had a long queue for the afternoon skating session.  5 of us enjoyed the walk down to the Olympics site.  Sunday is the day for football on the Marshes, marred on this occasion by unseen behaviour that required the attendance of several ambulances and police cars, and perhaps the helicopter flying south when we said goodbye at the ice rink.  As we walked past the riding stables a silvery sliver of a new moon added atmosphere to the chilly early evening.

Thanks to Kathy Hartnett for the photo above.

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