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Following the Fillebrook, December 2011

Both the Tuesday and the Sunday walks were really sociable, with lots of contributions, questions and discussion.  The struggle was to keep warm without stifling the enthusiasm for local history.  In the photo above, by Kathy Hartnett, we are clustered around a drainhole cover in Drayton Road, listening to the waters of the Fillebrook rush underneath.  At the very end of the walk, on the approach to the recycling centre off Orient Way, an open channel may be the only open section of the Fillebrook, but there is little flow of water.

On the Sunday we made a short diversion to look at the shop on Grove Green Road which local Councillors Laurie and Paul Braham had generously made available for a couple of participants in the 2011 Leytonstone Arts Trail. Laurie Braham was spotted approaching.  He seemed to have all the time in the world for us as Alex Wilkinson quizzed him about each business that had operated on that stretch of road, and about some of the people living opposite.  Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society is very keen to mount an exhibition drawing on Alex’s dedicated research into the life of Dyers Hall Road and adjacent streets.  He is amazed at the number of boys who later had successful careers in entertainment, business and universities.

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