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walking free in waltham forest

walking together in waltham forest

reports of our walks

a northern winter’s view, February 2013

With remarkable optimism this was planned as a walk ending in a sunset - in February !  Making the walk on the Thursday before in the morning we saw a bit of sun, highlighting a distant Alexandra Palace which was invisible the following Sunday, but most of the time there was cloud cover.  This was true on the Sunday, but as we reached the muddy slither onto Mansfield Park there was an orange disc over the reservoir.

Photo left by Anne Mitchell, photo right by David Boote

Sunday’s group also got an unexpected whistle-stop tour of the Chingford Model Railway which once had Walt Disney as guest driver on one of its real steam locomotives.  Our guide Bradley overflowed with enthusiasm and knowledge.

Photos by Anne Mitchell

The Thursday was also special because of the keen interest members of the group took in the landscape, buildings and nature of Chingford.

Photo by Kathy Hartnett

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Both the Thursday and the Sunday walks were thoroughly enjoyable.